October 25, 2011

A picture made by me.

Just from one of the greatest bands, Rigby.
It’s a still from their music video of their song ‘Time’.
The text consist of parts of the lyrics.


“Hey You! What song are you listening to?” That’s a new project on YouTube and it’s starting to be a hype.

But what is the new hype? A cameraman/woman goes around a (big) city and starts filming. Not only filming. He/She asks people who are listening to music, what song they’re listening to.
Not quite excited. But it is. It really activates your own mind.
Watching those people walking in the streets and guessing what kind of music they’re listening to, by only looking at their looks.

And I going to have to say, most of the times it’s right. Well, the prejudices are right.

Find it out yourself. I posted a YouTube video here.


(Im)Possible Situations

June 28, 2011

It’s a tip. A real good one: a nice video of the drummer of the Dutch band Only Seven Left, Bram de Wijs.  
And he asks for your help.
He has worked on his solo album, Impossible Situations – ‘Blah Blah Blah, Yeah Yeah Yeah’, for 7 years and he’d like to publish it after all those years.
He already did publish it. Online. (Check http://situations.bandcamp.com/album/blah-blah-blah-yeah-yeah-yeah for the really nice songs). But he likes to have it on a real disk.  
Yeah, it is still possible! A real, touchable disk. At least, with your help!
And we still love it, don’t we?!

When you see the small clip on the link below, you’ll also like it.
And just do it!

Impossible Situations – Blah Blah Blah Yeah Yeah Yeah

PS. The clip is in Dutch. Doesn’t matter, does it? 😀

I Hope

June 26, 2011

You were the boy I always saw in the back of the class
You were the boy I always saw walking by
Did you see me too?

You were the boy I always heard talking
You were the boy I always heard laughing
Did you notice?

But now after these years, it is over
We both went different ways
And sometimes, when I’m lucky, I see you passing by

I have to be honest, I miss you sometimes.
And at those moments I wonder, how are you
I have to be honest, I miss you sometimes.
I hope you miss me too

Someone can make a nice melody on this? #daretoask
What do you think? Song potential?


June 25, 2011

Every year it is there, between the villages Pilton and Pylle in Somerset, England, the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts. Or better known as just the Glastonbury festival.
It started in the 1970s as just a small festival with only 1500 visitors and the price you payed for the ticket was 1 pound.
The first artists that performed on the festival were David Bowie and Marc Bolan. On just only like, 1 stage.
But the festival grew and grew and now, 40 years later, it is one of the biggest festivals in the world. (Not the oldest, that’s Pinkpop, the Dutch festival (proud of it ;-))
A festival which started with 1 stage has now over 15 stages plus a lot of other performance locations for disco, dance acts, theater and art.

And as it was in the old days, it still has great acts like Muse, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Stevie Wonder, Kings of Leon and the almost annualy returning U2 (it seems).

As we speak (read), the festival is running and even ends tomorrow (the 26th of June) with headlining Beyoncé. This edition (June 22nd – June 26th)  headlined artists like U2, Elbow, The Gaslight Anthem, B.B. King, Paul Simon, The White Lies and Kaiser Chiefs.
And for the 5th time in their career, Coldplay hit the stage on Glastonbury. You can say they’re the houseband of the festival. 
They had a lot of fun and they were rocking the stage. And they got 150.000 people sing along with their hits like Clocks, Fix You, and of course Viva La Vida. Even when the show was over, the crowd was still singing Viva La Vida. What mighty feeling should that be then!

I’d really like to know and would really hit that stage one day! One of my dreams!
(Let’s just say small town girl with big dreams!)
But, well, let’s maybe start with just visit the festival! One of the things on my to-do-list!
Who’s joining me?!

For the ones who’s more interested in the Glastonbury festival, you can see some performances on the BBC who are also doing live report all the way down from Somerset. (You can imagine, the television is mine all weekend!) And you can always check their website, http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/ (ha, some advertising here, and I don’t care ;-)).

So if you will excuse me, I’m already going to queue up for the tickets for the 2013 edition!

When I have to study for an exam week I’d like to have some classical music on the background.
Yes I know, right now you’re probably thinking ‘is she crazy’, ’cause most of the time people my age don’t listen to classical music. Am I right?!
Well I do.  And just between you and me; I play the flute for 10 and a half years now and I play a little bit the piano. (Don’t tell anyone, ok 😉 )
So the classical music. Yeah I like it! And it works pretty well while I’m studying!
My ‘favorite’ composers are Yann Tiersen and Yiruma. And I also like some Mozart. (Oo God, this does sound dull and crazy…)

Last semester I had to study again for my exam week so that meant classical music from my speakers the whole week! I had to upgrade my playlist because I already knew every piece by hard that I could almost play along on my flute. And when you’re at that point, the studying doesn’t go well anymore. You’re more focusing on the musicnotes than on the words written in your book..
Anyway, I was searching through the database of YouTube and with a hint of a friend I found this ‘new’ composer. And no, he’s not dead or at least a 107 years old. No. He’s still young and an American (I think?) which is in some way surprising because most classical composers come from Austria, Germany or Italy or France.

I came across the brilliant man Jon Schmidt and I found this song: Love Story meets Viva La Vida.  The original songs of country singer Taylor Swift and the British band Coldplay (in that order). Both piece by piece amazing songs on itself, and with this song it was even better; the two of them mixed. Pop meets classical. I like! I like it very much! And mr Schmidt did a great job.
And I did too on my examweek. I passed all my exams!

So hopefully it will help me this time again. Since this morning 8 o’clock I got Love Story meets Viva La Vida non stop repeating in my spotify. Ok, with sometimes some breaks with listening Adele, Coldplay (hé, again),Kyteman (Dutch hiphop/jazz orchestra), The Script and Selena Gomez.
And in case you’re wondering if I can play along already and if it will help me studying. Yes I think I probably already can play along, but I can get enough of this song. And when I do get tired of it, I just stop it. Sometimes you just have to.

xoxo Gioya